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Comparing The Effects Of General Policies Of Resistive Economy In Financial Performance Of Shohaday-E-Enghelab Health Centre Of Shiraz At 2013-2014

Introduction Economic system of Iran is entitled to take economic system proportionate with special variations and challenges as for existing problems in world arena. In fact, vitality of economic system is due to resistance against economic and political attacks which to be efficient in managing living status of society, can provide active presence of Islamic Republic of Iran as inspired pattern in world variations. Resistive economy is solution in order to exit problem. Methodology: in this study, we discuss effect of resistive economy instructions on income and expense of Shohaday-e- Enghlab Health centre of Shiraz. In this descriptive study, financial information pertains to 2012, 2013 and 2014 have been used. The data was as monthly and has been discussed by statistical analysis time series data. Findings: the findings show that costs of health centre was not significant difference. In relation to income of health centre, it is said that total income of centre was not difference significantly after implementing resistive economy. Conclusion: as for inflammation in economy, resistive economy succeeded somewhat from it was unsuccessful from income point of view. It is suggested that the managers provide new strategies in order to increase income of health centre. Keywords- Health Centre, Resistive economy, Time Series Analysis, Shiraz