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Identifying Critical Success Factors For Knowledge Management Implementation In Higher Education Institutions: A Study Of The Use Of The Delphi Method At King Fahd Security College (KFSC) In Saudi Arabia

The study investigates the expected critical success factors for knowledge management at King Fahd Security College (KFSC) in Saudi Arabia. The population of this study consisted of a group of experts at KFSC. Delphi method was applied to collect data through two rounds. An open questionnaire was distributed in the first round and was answered by 35 experts. Their answers were analysed and formulated into tables. Then the second-round questionnaire was designed and distributed, of which 33 experts responded and by which the study ended. According to the experts 0the critical success factors of applying (KM) are the supportive leadership, the availability of modern techniques, the small size of the college, applying e -government, the availability of e-learning facilities, and the scientific experiences at the College. Keywords- Knowledge, Knowledge Management, Critical Success Factors.