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A Novel Approach For Watermarking Of Digital Images Using Fourier Coefficient, DWT And DES

Watermarking presents a task of transferring the embedded information to the destination without being detected by attacker. It is science of secret communication. The goal of Watermarking is to hide the existence of the message from unauthorized party. The proposed system makes image watermarking system more secure and robust by adding encryption of the watermark being embedded in the cover image. The advantages of proposed system is that watermark is completely invisible in cover image as well as encryption process is quite simple but robust in nature .On the other hand, extraction of watermark takes place by decryption of original watermark with DES algorithm. Other advantage of the system is that it works on both text as well as image watermark. Results show that the recovered watermark is same as the actual watermark Keywords- discrete wavelet transform, decryption, encryption, robustness , watermarking