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Entrepreneurs Factors Contributing To Success To The Excellent Credit Cooperatives In Malaysia, Special Finding On Islamic Financing Product

Total numbers of credit cooperatives in Malaysia now are more than 588 of more than 10,087 registered society with a total membership of more than 7 millions people, who are eligible to receive a credit cooperative loan facility. The purpose of this research is to identify outstanding entrepreneurial attitudes possessed by members of the Board of excellent credit Cooperative to be the role model to other members of the Board of Cooperative since there are various obstacles in running the credit cooperative whether from the government policies or external competitions. The methods adapted from questionnaires Entrepreneurs “Perception of Success Inventory” (EPSI). Of 588 registered credit cooperatives, only 35 cooperatives managed to qualify in the category of best 100 cooperatives listed by the Cooperative Commission of Malaysia, with a total population is 350 credit Cooperative Board members. Variable tested was the phenomenon of credit cooperatives success as the dependent variable with nine dimensions as the independent variables. They are difficulty goal setting, goal clarity, action oriented personality, circumstances oriented personality, planning knowledge, leadership knowledge, management knowledge, motivation and Islamic financing. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 21, tests are conducted prior to factor analysis and correlation analyses found were significant for seven variables. Regression model can be built and the most dominant variables affecting the success of credit cooperatives is setting clear goals with relationship strength is 25% of the tested variants. Index Terms— Goal setting, personality, knowledge, motivation and Islamic financing.