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Experience And Techniques Of Using Mobile Phones And A Polling Web Site As A Student Response System

Studies have shown that student response systems (SRS) are effective increasing student engaging and active learning, even in a large lecture hall. In a traditional SRS, the students choose use a small portal device, called a clicker, to choose their answers to questions. Then some proprietary software with summarise the responses from the students and display them on screen. With the widespread use of smart mobile phones, it is possible to replace the clickers with mobile phones, and the proprietary software with commercially available polling web site. In this article, the author will start by reviewing the use of clickers and discussing the advantages of mobile phones over the clicker. Then the author will report his experience of using of a polling web site, combined with student’s mobile phones, to create a SRS. Finally, the author will offer some suggestions for teachers who want to deploy a similar SRS in his/her classroom. Index Terms – Clickers, Mobile phones, Student Response System, Student Engagement