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The Changing Role And Perspective Of Trade Union In India

This paper attempts to understand various factors which negatives the growth of the Trade Union and changing role of trade union in India. Trade union is one of the major component of industrial relation system in India. It is an association of employees to protect their interests and rights. Protection of basic human rights, especially in developing nations forces unionization which is the instrumental in improving quality life of working class (Ghosh &Geetika, 2007). In the absence of union the employer may become too paternalistic and dictorial (Thomas, 2005). However, responsible union play significant role in maintaining cordial relationship with the management. Rapid technological change and pay revisions, undoubtedly changes the working conditions but they lost control over their employment (Ratnam, 2006). The structural change of working class and competition intensity, changed the role of trade union and at the same time the employer also become more skilled and sensitive in managing working class. Keywords— Industrial Relation, Paternalistic, Quality of Life, Trade Union, Working Class.