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Implementing Employee Performance Management System: A Scoping Review

The implementation of any system requires meticulous planning and a careful execution. When it comes to human resource, the system implementation becomes even more challenging. In this paper an effort has been made to identify the various parameters that need to be taken into account while implementing a performance management system (PMS) and to list the various causes for the failure of PMS in an organization during its implementation. A scoping review method of the literature has been used to study and classify the various causes for the failures. The limitation of this paper is that it uses only the literature which is published and available from the online database journals. The practical implication of the study is that the managers who are involved with the implementation of the PMS can use these as a checklist, to be better prepared and avoid making the same mistakes again. This paper is a compilation of the scattered literature on the problems faced in the implementation of the PMS. It may be used as a guide to avoid any pitfalls while implementing new systems or while modifying the existing system. Keywords— Performance Management System, Performance Appraisal, Employee Performance, Performance Measurement.