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Market Power Control In Broiler Partnership With Risk Sharing ; Review Of Alleged Monopoly And Unfair Business Competition

The goal this study was to determine how much revenue-sharing partnerships broilers based on the division of market risk. Furthermore, whether there is a market power which leads to monopolistic practices and unfair business competition This study was conducted in May until July 2015 which took place at X Makassar Indonesia. This research was conducted by descriptive quantitative. Analysis of data using revenue formula II = TR-TC. Further analysis of monopolistic practice violations based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 5 of 1999 on Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition.These results indicate that the result of the partnership broilers received by the company and the farmers based on the price risk is 108%: 8%. The company suffered a loss due to the loss of 100% of potential revenue from the partnership due to lower selling prices. In addition, the company also bears the loss farmer by 8%. Risks regarding market acceptance of fluctuating prices and sales will be borne by the company. The results show there has been a violation of Law No. 5 of 1999 article 19 paragraph c.. Keywords- Broiler, Market Power, Partnership, Risk Sharing.