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Chemical Constituents, Antioxidant And Antimicrobial Activities Of Novel Food Additives Derived From Plant Material

Two composites from plant extracts were proposed as novel bioactive food additives. One composite consisted of green tea extract and red wine lees, another composite included lemon peels extract in addition. The composites inhibited the growth of gram positive bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Rhodococcus sp, gram negative bacteria Esherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeroginasa, pathogenic fungi Rhizoctonia sp. and Streptomyces glaucus 71MD. Antioxidant potentials of the first and second composites were 2.3 and 1.8 [Fe2+] mM respectively, which is approximately 4 times less than antioxidant potential of an ascorbic acid. Keywords- food additives, antioxidants, antimicrobial agents, polyphenols, tea, wine, citrus