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Synthesis Of Novel Blue-Emitting Poly(Arylene Ether)S With Application To Light Emitting Diodes

A novel blue Poly (arylene ether) s polymer was prepared for the organic polymer light emitting diodes which was composed of the guest material, anthracene derivatives, and the hole transport material, carbazole derivatives. Use of the CF bond and Carbazole increase the steric hindrance of the polymer chain and change the highest occupied molecular orbital - lowest unoccupied molecular orbital energy level by fluoride compounds. The two derivatives via nucleophilic polycondensation synthesis a novel blue polymer. At the fabrication of the device, light-emitting layer can make use of spin coating of solvent process. In the BH device, the maximum brightness is up to 7,466 cd/m2 and the maximum efficiency is 4.2 cd/A. The C.I.E. coordinates of (0.15,0.08) is very close to the official regulations of the NTSC Blue coordinates (0.14,0.08). Keywords- Organic Light Emitting Diode, Anthracene, Carbazole, Poly (Arylene Ether), Organic