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Impacts Of 3d Printers In New Product Development Process

Rapid Prototyping has been used for decades for fast, cheap, and reliable prototyping around the world. Now, the 3D printing world has been in its infancy which uses rapid prototyping technique and has been growing very fast, adopting by various industries in there last few years. The emergence of desktop ‘3D printer’ is not only a technological development, but equally asocial and economic phenomenon that actively and co-produces the material and ideological infrastructures it occupies. Using general shop and fabrication practices these printing design is a low cost and large envelope 3D printer for personal or commercial use. This project paper takes a practical approach to assess the uses of 3D printing on professional levels, tries to identify the impact of 3D printer on NPD process, and the barriers, threats and opportunities of deploying this technology in Malaysian industry. A surveyed has been conducted in this project paper to determine the impact of 3D printer on NPD process which shows that it is fast, reliable, easy to use, and more accurate than traditional prototyping methods. The results also showed that awareness and cultural is one of the major barriers of deploying this technology in Malaysia. Index Terms- Rapid Prototyping, 3Dprinter, New Product Development Process