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Comparison Of Self-Concept, Stress And Social Adjustment Between Sports Women And Non-Sports Women

The purpose of study was to findout and compare the self-concept, stress and social adjustment level between sports women and non-sports women. For the purpose of the study a sample of sixty girls (30 Sports Women and 30 Non-sports women) was randomlyselected from S.A.I. Sports Hostel H.A.U Hisar and Govt. P.O. college girl's hostel. The age group of the selected samples was between 18 to 22 years. The Self-concept was measured through questionnaire of Dr. Raj Kumar Sara Swat. Stress was measured through questionnaire of Miller and Allen, where as social adjustment was measured by questionnaire of assistant index of cowell's. The administered questionnaire was quantified for obtaining the scores as per the instructions/ guidelines. The independent ‘t’ test was applied as the statistical tool to compare the means and the level of significance was set at 0.05. The findings of the study showedthat social adjustment level was found significant higher among sports women (mean 9.06) as compared to non-sports women (mean 4.70) as the ‘t’ value obtained was -7.27 at p≤0.05. While the self-concept and stress level were found higher among sports women (175. 73 & 2.80) as compared to non-sports women (165.43 & 1.43) but this difference was not significant as the t values obtained were 1.86 and 1.88 respectively at p ≥ 0.05. The results of the study reveals that sports women programme has nothing to influence on self-concept and stress. Sports women programme involves team work, group efforts and participation in coaching camp or various sports tournaments at different places of country, due to this sports woman have better social adjustment in comparison of Non-sports women. Results of present study supported by previous studies conducted by Sturkie (1968) Manson w.i. (1979) Yong Massy (1981) Anoop Singh (2009) Margaret A.V (1994) and Eliza (2011) on these selected variables. Keywords— Self-concept, Stress, Social Adjustment.