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A Study On The Influence Of The Usage Of Contemporary Internet And Internet Facilities On Learning Habits Of Nigerian College And Universiy Students

The advent of the ‘computer age’ has brought with it, issues and practices that impact on life generally but more specifically on education. The use of the internet and its various facilities as well as other gadgetry in the field of education is no longer a novelty. But how do these practices influence the study habits of today’s learner? That is what this study is all about. It sets out to find out how the usage of internet, social media, MP3facilities, computer game and text messaging impact on the study habits of college and university students in Nigeria. Using a sample of sixty students, a questionnaire and personal interview, four hypotheses and chi-square statistical analysis, the study found out that there indeed is a significant influence of all tested factors on the study habits of students. This in some cases is positive but in some others negative. It is suggested that teachers and other educational drivers should endeavour to tailor and direct the usage of these facilities along the positive path through proper monitoring and some levels of control. Index Terms- internet, phone gadgets, social media, study habits