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Rising Court Cases And Declining “Judge-Population- Ratio” In India

Chief Justice of India recently lamented on the “inaction” on the part of the government to control the declining “Judge-Population Ratio” in India compared to the other developed countries. There are a large number of vacancies in Supreme Court, High Courts and Lower Courts as well. Moreover, there is also the problem of judicial infrastructure i.e. scarcity of court rooms. In India there are 10 judges against a million people compared to around 51 judges in UK, 75 judges in Canada and around 107 judges in USA against one million people. As on 31st December, 2015, there were 38.76 lakh cases pending in High Courts alone. Similarly, there were 2.18 crore cases pending in the lower courts. On the one hand the Government has blamed the judiciary that Collegiums are not recommending the names to the Government, on the other hand, the judiciary has its own stand and said that how could the government expect the Collegiums to recommend more names when the decision on the previously recommended names was still pending. Index terms- Vacancies in Courts, Judge-population-ratio, judicial infrastructure, scarcity of court rooms, rising court cases,