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Are The European Union Countries Outside The Euro Zone Ready To Participate In Emu? The Analysis Of Nominal Convergence Criteria Fulfilment In Selected CEE Countries

The aim of this article is to present the progress in fulfilling the nominal convergence criteria in CEE countries with derogation. Starting from accession to the European Union, these countries are potential candidates for EMU. Thus, it is important for them to monitor the realization of the nominal convergence criteria on an ongoing basis, whose fulfilment is relevant for decision on accession to EMU. According to our analysis, in first half of 2015, the majority of the analyzed CEE countries met the criteria on price stability and long-term interest rates. The only exception was Romania. Moreover, CEE countries have problems with realization of criteria covered fiscal requirements. Especially Hungary and Croatia suffered from exceeding the Maastricht rule for debt. In general, CEE countries increased the durability of the convergence. IndexTerms- Central And Eastern European Countries, Derogation, European Union, Eurozone, Nominal Convergence.