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Effect Of Intergenerational Social Support And Loneliness On Subjective Wellbeing Of Institutionalized Malaysian Elders

The current study aims to gauge the effect of intergenerational social support and loneliness on subjective wellbeing of institutionalized Malaysian elders. The sample size comprised of 192 elders from four different States of Malaysia. They were recruited conveniently (M 98; F 94). Four valid instruments were employed to measure variables. Cross-sectional survey method was employed. Data were tabulated through SPSS (21.0). Correlation as a statistical technique was used to evaluate the relationship among variables. The results indicate, there is significant negative relationship between intergenerational social support and loneliness (-.220**), same as, significant negative relationship occurs between loneliness and subjective wellbeing (-.263**), and significant positive relationship between intergenerational social support and subjective wellbeing (191**). Conclusively, study proves intergenerational social-support; loneliness and subjective wellbeing are highly correlated constructs for Malaysian institutionalized elders. Future avenues and limitations of current study are also cordoned off. Keywords- Intergenerational Social Support; Loneliness; Subjective Wellbeing; Elders; Malaysia