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An Empirical Study Of The Relationship Between Creating Shared Value And Profitability In The Apparel Industry

The aim of this research is to verify empirically the relationship between creating shared value (CSV) activity and profitability in the apparel industry. CSV is a corporate strategy which aims to achieve sustainable growth on a long-term basis by coexisting with society rather than merely maximising short-term profits. According to previous studies, conventional philanthropic activities or environmental activities are often not correlated to improvements in the financial results of a company. Various activities are included in conventional philanthropic activities. The CSV strategy in this research is distinguished from conventional philanthropic activities, such as that aimed at hedging risk. In terms of research methodology, statistical verification was carried out based on the sustainability statement, the various publicity materials and the financial data released by each company. In conclusion, when private enterprises adopt a positive approach to CSV activity, unlike a simple redistribution of profits, corporate and social values expand cyclically. Keywords- Apparel Industry, Creating Shared Value, Empirical Research, Sustainability.