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The Relationship Between General Health Ans Job Satisfaction Of The Health Care Employees In Kazeroon

Introduction: job satisfaction is one of the indicators that is associated with spiritual and general dimension of individuals and plays an important role in improving the organization's progress. Since general health is affected by several factors and job satisfaction is related with general health and expectancy for longer life, this study aimed to determine the relationship between general health and job satisfaction of the employees working at Kazeroon Health Center. Materials and methods: this study examined 217 employees of Kazeroon Health Center. Data was collected by the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-28 items) to assess general health. In addition, job satisfaction questionnaire was employed to determine job satisfaction and data was analyzed by SPSS. Findings: results showed that there was a significant relationship between general health and job satisfaction. The findings also demonstrated that participants with higher education had higher general health. In general, rsults indicated that increased employees' job satisfaction enhanced general health. Thereofore, attention to the importance of the above-mentioned indicators, particularly in the employees working at the health field could affect improving job satisfaction and general health, thus improving services provided by employees. Keywords- General Health, Job Satisfaction, Workers Of General Health Center, Kazeroon