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The Awareness Of Email Policies And Their Impact On Daily Usage Within The Welsh Further Education Sector

Email growth has outpaced the development of appropriate governance which potentially leaves individual users and the organisation open to damage. Identifying the level of engagement that users have with policies may be used to enhance engagement with them. Users in the Welsh Further Education sector were used as the sector, whilst made up of individual incorporated bodies, retains a single oversight relating to contracts and employment. 1010 responses to a large scale survey were gathered from across all institutions in the sector. Results showed that engagement was generally low with only a small minority of users having read the policy documents. Role appears to have an impact with statistically significant differences observed between them. Senior managers tended to have greater engagement with policies and Academics the lowest. This is concerning as the vast majority of users who participated had little engagement with email policies, potentially leaving themselves open to inadvertently misusing systems. Keywords- Email, Communication, Governance, Policies.