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Industrial Solid Waste: Emerging Problems, Challenges And Its Solution

Industries are indispensable for the economic growth, development and self-sufficiency of any country. Rapid industrialization has resulted in the generation of huge quantity of wastes. Generation of waste is an inevitable consequence of industrial progress and therefore efficient waste management is a matter of concern. We cannot shut down the factories, firms and industries as it will have a bad impact on the Indian economy. Therefore, the need of the hour is to adopt various techniques of waste management. It is important to manage the generated properly or else we all have to face disastrous consequences. To prevent this impending catastrophe, sustainable development goals should be adopted. “We cannot hope to create a sustainable culture with any but sustainable souls.” Therefore, it is important that all of join our hands together and achieve sustainable development if we want planetary habitability to exist on Mother Earth and provide a cleaner, safer and greener environment to the upcoming generation. This paper will primarily be dealing with industrial solid waste, the problems posed by it, and some solution to this emerging problem. It will first discuss about the major type of industrial waste along with examples, later it will discuss about the current and common ways of waste disposal and finally, it will dive deeper into suggesting various measures and techniques to curb the growing menace. Keywords— Industrial solid Waste, Environmental Protection, Environmental Pollution, Waste Treatment, Waste Management, Waste Disposal, Waste Generation.