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Consumer E-Lifestyle, Perceived Corporate Identity, Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty Among Young Mobile Service Subscribers: A Cross-Cultural Examination Of Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT)

The emergence of the Internet and mobile communications has significantly influenced and changed the lifestyle of individual consumers. Businesses have gain more attention on this fast pace of electronic commerce which will directly influence their identity, consumer satisfaction and loyalty. Hence, this research aims to determine the relationship between e- lifestyle, perceived corporate identity, customer satisfaction and loyalty among the mobile service subscribers in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Three surveys were conducted among 384 mobile service subscribers in Indonesia, 197 subscribers in Malaysia and 420 subscribers in Thailand. The data was analyzed using SmartPLS3.2 and the results show that the second-order construct of e-lifestyle has significant effect on perceived corporate identity and customer satisfaction which affects consumer loyalty to telecommunication service provider. In addition, significant differences were found on all the three countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand) which contributes to the knowledge of cross-cultural customer satisfaction and loyalty studies in the field of telecommunication. From a practical point of view, this study provides some important insights for practitioners on effective customer relationship management and marketing strategy development. The findings of this study could benefit businesses on the ways to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by integrating customer e-lifestylesand corporate identity into an effective marketing strategies, particularly in telecommunication services context. Keywords- Corporate Identity, Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Satisfaction, E-lifestyle, Indonesia, Loyalty, Mobile Service Subscribers