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Model Based Test Case Generation: A Case Study

The optimization techniques for the design of suitable test cases plays a vital and critical role in software testing process. An appropriate test suite for software testing is a challenging task. It requires tradeoff between quality and correctness which are most important attributes in test case generation activity. Recent test suite optimization approaches, can be mainly classified into two categories i.e., model based optimization and search based optimization. In this paper, we will focus on the former technique which is model based due to its better fault or mutation analysis capability. It can be proved by applying it on the real time application that includes a case study of hospital management system. In this study, test cases are generated from UML behavior diagram i.e., state chart diagram which will be applied in modeling technique and an analysis will be made showing that this technique gives better performance based on the above said software testing attributes. Keywords— Optimization approach; Software testing; modeling technique; UML behavior diagram.