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Evaluating Satisfaction Of Hospitalized Patients In Kohgiluyeh And Boyer-Ahmad Province With Nutrition Services

Hospitals are centers of knowledge's transmission and medical skills and form an important and powerful resource of information and technology which by their special facilities and means and also specialized and subspecialty services for producing a product called the protection of return and promotion of physical and mental health of society people and finally providing the satisfaction of customers, play important rules. Satisfaction and gladness of patient are applied to satisfying his internal needs and tendencies from hospital services in reaching to the purpose of health's security. This study of Kohgilooye and Booyer Ahmad province has been done in order to satisfaction of hospitalized patients in hospitals from nutrition's services. This study is descriptive-analytical and sectional. At first, the authorization was achieved by a letter of recommendation from Islamic Azad University branch Marvdasht to Medical sciences and health and medical services of Kohgilooye and Booyer Ahmad province from the University of Medical sciences, then referred to the hospitals of province, of 6 hospitals (4 hospitals related to Medical Sciences, a hospital related to Oil Company, a hospital related to Social Security Organization) and the confirmed questionnaire in previous validity and endurance researches by patients of 4 sections(internal, gynecologic, children and surgery) were completed. According to statistical calculation, the number of samples and regarding the coefficient of correction were computed 1/2 and 430. To analyzing statistical data by SPSS software, version 21 was used. To investigating the difference of satisfaction from health services in Kohgilooye and Booyer Ahmad from ANOVA test, the results showed that in the level of P(smaller than 0.00), a meaningful difference exists between satisfaction of health services in governmental hospitals and Social Security hospitals and Oil Organization. Meaningfulness of difference between hospitals was used regarding satisfaction of Tukey Test and the results showed that the satisfaction of health services in Social Security hospitals and Oil Organization(p=0/000), was more than governmental hospitals. In clarification of governmental hospitals data which are under the Medical Sciences University of Yasooj, compared to the hospitals of Social Security and Oil Organization, they obey less from the standards. Totally, compared to state standards, satisfaction of nutritious consulting in the hospitals of Kohgilooye and Booyer Ahmad is unfavorable and it seems that there are more considerations in the issue of nutritious advisor's presence in necessity of hospitals. Keywords- Patient, Nutrition, Satisfaction