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Effect Of Executing Relative Value Of Health Services On The Cost Of Services Provided At Private Labratories Of Boushehr Province In 2015

In this study we investigated the costs and share of different sections before and after the plan for change of health systems in experimental services. For this purpose, 16 private laboratories of Booshehr province have been chosen and insurance costs, number of references, total cost and cost of supplementary insurance for years 1393 and 1394,have been collected and compared. The used test for this purpose was Paired sample T-test. Investigation's findings showed that the number of received services during period were with growth, while the cost of health insurance was with meaningful growth but the cost of supplementary insurance was with reduction. Paying by the person for health during the period was not with meaningful change, while the share of paying costs by person was with meaningful reduction. The findings of study showed that the plan for change of health systems imposed many costs to health insurance in experimental services. Keywords- Health cost, insurance share, supplementary insurance, plan for change of health systems, private laboratories, Booshehr.