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Determining Training Needs Of Family Physicians Working In Rural Areas Of Boyer Ahmad City In 2015

Introduction:There is no plan for training specialized family physician and general physicians are serving as family physicians. The aim of this study is to determine training needs of family physicians working in Boyer Ahmad city rural healthcare centers. Materials and methods:This needs assessment study was performed in descriptive- quantitative form in 1394 in Boyer Ahmad city rural healthcare centers. In this study, sampling was as census. A questionnaire was sent to 7 authorities of family physician plan and 49 family physicians to perform training needs prioritizing. Analysis of the obtained data was performed using SPSS software version 19 and as providing descriptive statistics including mean and standard deviation. Results: 32 participants answered the questionnaire. The answering rate was 57%. 20 of them (62.5%) were men and 12 (37.5) women. The most important training needs of Boyer Ahmad city family physicians were caring poisoned patients (mean 3.48 and standard deviation of 1.26), nail dragging and removing nevus,Lipoma and verruca ( mean 3.44 and standard deviation of 1.47), primary measurements in respiratory emergencies ( mean 3.39 and standard deviation 1.31), psychological emergencies ( mean 3.32, standard deviation 1.06) and performing CPR and tracheal intubation ( mean 3.32 and standard deviation of 1.31). Conclusion:General physicians who serve as family physicians have many training needs. It is suggested that by performing needs assessments in this field in other provinces and acquiring a universal look in the field direct continuous training plans and retraining to this direction or create some changes in general medicine curriculum. Keywords- General Physician, Family Physician, Iran, Needs Assessment, Training Need