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A Multicriteria Decision Making For Monorail Projects With Analytic Network Process And 0-1 Goal Programming

Rapidly growing population, urbanization and unplanned factors such as the increase in private vehicle traffic in urban areas has revealed the problem. This state of remodeling and importance of the transportation plan has led to the increase. For this reason, local intensive work to make the public transport more efficient functioning of the transport system are made. Consequently new trend has begun to different alternative model in transportation. At this point, fast, monorail technology stands out as a safe and comfortable transport system. In this study, Analytic Network Process (ANP) and Goal Programming (GP) methods are used as multi-criteria decision-making methods and the most appropriate transport routes determined with capacity to transport projects. Besides, route selection is made for the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Index Term- ANP, Goal Programming, Multi-criteria decision making, Scheduling,