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Relationship Between Personnel Awareness And Performance About Wastes Management In Hospitals Of Shiraz Medical Sciences University In 2015

Introduction: Wastes produced in hospitals are called medical wastes. These wastes have a high potential of infection and harming the patients and hospital personnel and also the society. Suitable planning in hospital wastes management causes increasing of health level and will be an obstacle for diseases extension and infectious epidemies in the country. Therefore, it is necessary that they become aware of dangers due to medical wastes. In this study, the relationship between personnel awareness and performance about wastes management in hospitals of Shiraz medical sciences university in 2015 was examined. Research method: Among governmental hospitals affiliated to Shiraz medical sciences university, 4 hospitals were selected as sample and for examining the relation between awareness and performance of health treatment personnel about waste management; a questionnaire was distributed among 350 persons of these hospitals personnel. The obtained results were evaluated using SPSS software and tests of ANOVA, standard deviation, variance and also Pierson correlation factor were used for examining qualitative variables. Findings:There was a significant difference between awareness and performance score of hospitals personnel. The highest score of awareness and performance was related to physicians and their lowest was related to services personnel of hospitals. Conclusion:The performed study in 4 hospitals was conducted for examining the relation between awareness and performance in medical wastes management and the research showed that having a level of awareness is not sufficient and personnel training, precise and daily supervision and monitoring their performance is necessary. Keywords- Medical Wastes, Management, Awareness, Performance