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The Level Of Patient Trust In Family Physician

Trust is a distinctive element in interpersonal relations but it is central and special element in relations of the patient and physician. Though, it seems that most patients trust physicians, but concerns are increasing when fast changes with remote results occur in healthcare systems, such as family physician plan and health evolution which impose a great pressure on trust issue and influence it. This study aims to measure the level of patients trust in family physicians. The studied population was people living in Pasargad city who have referred to their family physician at least once in the past six months and were between 18 to 60 years old. 820 persons were selected as sample content, 420 persons dwelling in city and 400 persons dwelling in the villages. Data collecting tool is a scholar made questionnaire that after examining its reliability and validity, data collecting was performed by random sampling method. Data was analyzed using SPSS software and statistical tests appropriate with the study variables were employed for testing hypotheses. Findings: The questionnaire had good reliability. The results show that 37.1% of respondents are constituted from men and 62.9% from women. Average score of patients trust in family physician was obtained 134.27 (SD=17.41) from maximum score 163. The patients trust in family physician was in a good level. Also, the study results show that there is a significant relation between variables relating to physician communication skills, the patient past treatment experience, reference card and demographic variables (educations, marital status and gender) and trust in family physician. Keywords- Trust, Family Physician, Patient, The Patient Trust In Family Physician