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Investigate Causes And Factors Affecting Health Of Mosques In Shiraz City 2015-2016

Introduction: paying attention to cleanness of mosque as a holly place is important and necessary. In this holly place, all religious rituals are held therefore cleanness of this place suggests Islamic senses and Islamic religion. Since according to views of prayers, studying health problems is important, factors affecting environmental health of mosques in Shiraz are studied in present research. Method: this is a mixed study via sequential exploratory method that was conducted from winter 2015 to spring 2016 on 31 mosques under coverage of medical science university of Shiraz. Multi-stage random cluster sampling was done and continued until data saturation. Data was entered SPSS software and was analyzed by content analysis. Results: this study was conducted on 31 mosques and 48 female and male prayers, clergymen and servitors. The age of participants ranged between 17 and 86 years old. After content analysis of interviews, 54 codes were extracted, then data were mixed and 25 codes were obtained and explored by 5 subcategories and 2 main categories as follows: two main categories of management and knowledge of discovery and subcategories of management of planning, attraction of public participation, force education in management area and information about the status quo and information about optimal status in area of knowledge. Conclusion: after studying content analysis of extracted codes, issues outlined by prayers, servitors and clergymen will be effective on improvement of condition of environmental health of mosques. Keywords- Mosque, Environmental Health, Qualitative-Quantitative Study