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Studying The Personnel’s Life Quality Of Marvdasht Health Center In 2015

The life quality is a concept beyond physical health . It is an important index which in the various health research its measurement independently as one of the important consequences is necessary . A work environment consists of the social , mental and physical stimuli which each of them can cause tension . These stresses and pressures negatively influence the physical welfare , mental – spiritual welfare , health and its performance . The goal of the present research is to study the life quality and the factors influencing it in the personnel of Marvdasht Health and Treatment organization in 2015 (1) . Method: The present research is of the cross-sectional analytical descriptive kind .The participants were 300 individuals of the personnel employing in Marvdasht Health and treatment Organization in 2015 . There was a random sampling from the personnel . The instruments to gather information included WHO Life Quality Standard Questionnaire (WHOQOL-BREF) and the subjects' demographic information gathering Inventory . Results: In the above research , there was a significant relationship between the average scores of physical , psychological and social relationships domains with the personnel's gender (p<0/05) .T he environmental domain has the highest average demonstrating the better life quality in this domain . There was a statistically significant difference between the scores of the personnel 's life quality and their educational level (p<0/05) Key words- Life Quality , Personnel , WHOQOL-BREF