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An Approach For IR of Hotel Reviews Using Extraction and Expansion of Micro Post

The process of supplementing additional terms or phrases in the original query to improve the retrieval performance is known as Query expansion. In today’s world, the data retrieval performance of a search has an important role in every field. Along with the retrieval performance, accurate information is also required. It is very difficult to get the precise information which is actually required by the user through Micro post or a short comment. Micro post is a form of short comment which people generally give on social networking site to interact with their friends and share the information. The information is written using the least number of words. Since there are less number of keywords to retrieve the information we need to expand the micro post this is known as query expansion. It has been suggested as an effective way to resolve the short query and word disambiguation problems. This query expansion helps to retrieve the precise information from the large data. After expanding the micro post we can understand the actual sense of users’ query. The proposed system will expand the micro post which will help in specific Information Retrieval. Keywords- query expansion, micropost, lingo words, information retrieved.