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Study on Comfort Properties of Different Woven Fabric

The comfort property of woven fabrics is largely depends on water vapour transmission through clothing. The water vapour transmission rate greatly differs depending on principle of the test methods, even when other parameters are nearly identical such as air permeability, areal density, porosity and thickness. The water absorption characteristics of fibres seem to be most important in determining the overall water vapour transmission rate. Substitution of the polyester for viscose and cotton in the blended fabrics reduces the water transport rate of the fabrics in long term method. It is found that the Polyester-Cotton blended fabrics are showing greater water vapour transport than corresponding Polyester-Viscose fabrics when long term test method is used however, Polyester-Viscose fabrics show relatively higher water vapour permeability than Polyester-Cotton fabrics when short duration tests are carried out using Permetest and MVTR cell methods. Keywords— Cup method, Drag resistance, Long term test method, MVTR cell method, Permetest method, P/C blends, P/V blends.