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Sex and Breastfeeding Couples: Counselling Implication

Proposed and new parents have a lot of issues relating to the relationship between sexuality and breastfeeding. How does a woman at puerperium or a breast feeding mother’s sexual urge affects their sexual relationship with spouse. Why is it that some breastfeeding mothers get excited sexually during breastfeeding? Could it be normal and how often. Why are some not having the required or the same excitement to sex? How does the male or husband feel about breast milk flow from the wife at puerperium or breastfeeding? What could be the reason for milk flow during orgasm in this group of women? The perinatal education takes care of reassuring these parents on their sexual relationship with spouse while assisting the breastfeeding spouse in the bond between mother and child and the intimacy bond in a marriage relationship regarding sex life. The goal of this education is to provide an encouragement programme of perienatal education which include the analogue or mundane issue of sex in breastfeeding mothers since it is regarded as a taboo by some Africans to think of the two together (sex and breastfeeding). This is base on common worries and anxiety expressed by proposed and new parents attending perinatal counselling setting. This gives rise to a focus in perinatal education setting for harmonious sex life as the women breastfeed. Key Words- Breastfeeding, Sex, Counselling Perspective and Coping Strategies in Puerperium.