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Considerations on Innovation and the Four Dimensions of Management

Managerial behaviour is mapped on four dimensions: bureaucracy-to-emergence, hierarchy-to-collective wisdom, alignment-to-obliquity, and extrinsic-to-intrinsic motivation. The principles of emergence, collective wisdom, obliquity and intrinsic are newer ways of thinking about management. We must say I like these as I do his framework as a really good way to think about the approach we need to explore that fits with the strategy and the way we want to develop a business and its environment. Innovation needs to exploit all the “opposing” principles across the four dimensions. The first set of principles is about managing across the activities, how they are coordinated, the second set of principles relates to how people are making decisions within the organisation, the third set of principles relates to how people set and pursue goals and the fourth set of principles deals with how people are motivated within organizations. Keywords— Innovation, Management, Environment.