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Readiness of Municipalities in the Developing Countries For Issue of Municipal Bonds Through the Analysis of Their Budget Accounts (Overview of the Municipality of Stip - R. Macedonia)

In developing country alternative ways of funding are minor represented. This paper contributes to understanding the readiness of these municipalities to issue municipal bonds as an alternative way of financing. The aim is to prove that if the funds are successfully managed and associated with revenue-generating project does not need rigidity. Alternatives for implementation of the projects are too many despite the fact that municipalities are small. Also, despite the fact that municipalities are small and developing economies are usually centralized in the capitals in the country, neither Skopje (the capital in Republic of Macedonia) will attempt to realize the municipal bond. Processing of paper used data analysis, statistical calculations, synthesis and similar methods for data analyzing. Used methods are qualitatively and quantitatively supporting the thesis of this paper. Keywords- Municipal bonds, budget bill, municipal revenues, municipal expenditures, Municipality of Stip.