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The Role of New Generation in Preventing Human Trafficking in Sidrap Regency in Indonesia

This paper explores the role of new generation in preventing human trafficking in Sidrap Regency in Indonesia. New generation plays a significant role in detecting, preventing and combating human trafficking. The aim of research is to analyses the role of new generation to combat human trafficking. This research conducted in Sidrap Regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The method of research is qualitative approach such as Focus Group Discussion and library research as secondary sources. For analysis and discussion, the regent of Sidrap offers strategies to students as new generation to combatting human trafficking through education, advocacy, or practice. Through this initiative, students have opportunity to enhance knowledge about prevention, intervention, policy, and advocacy associated with human trafficking, as well as learn about concrete ways to become a part of team’s efforts to eradicate human trafficking and modern day slavery. Keywords— Focus Group Discussion, Human Trafficking, New Generation, Modern Day Slavery, Sidrap Regency.