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Analyzing Quality of Education From Views of Students in Medical Sciences University of Shiraz on The Basis of AQIP Scale

Improving quality in higher education is one of the approaches that in last decades has been noticed in many of systems related to higher education and universities worldwide. According to this issue that universities have been placed in a close interaction with the society and problems of quality related to curriculum are regarded as problems of society, we decided to analyze the quality of education from views of students in Medical Sciences University of Shiraz on the basis of AQIP scale. Methodology: This study is descriptive-geodesic and was done on all students of basic sciences in medical field until the 5th semester on the basis of Morgan sampling table on 181 people. The used device in this study was translation of questionnaire which was about analyzing educational quality of AQIP and its validity and stability were done and confirmed before performing the plan. After confirmation of validity and stability of the questionnaire, the researcher with receiving the license in order to completing the information referred to dormitory of students and distributed the questionnaires among selected sample size; He gave the questionnaire to students, after completing the questionnaire were collected. The received data were recorded in SPSS software and were analyzed by statistical-descriptive tests such as percentage of frequency, mean, standard deviation, variance and analytical statistics by T single sample, T two independent samples and analysis of variance. Results: In this paper, 175 students with age ranges of 18-28 and age averages of 23-25 were participated which 34% of participants in this research were boys. The results of analyzing T single sample test were used. In all criteria (helping in learning of students, achieving to side goals, realizing needs of students, valuating to people, leading and creating relation, protecting organizational operations, analyzing effectiveness, planning of continuous correction, creating relations on the basis of cooperation) qualities of education were meaningful (P>0.001). Discussion and Conclusion: Medical Sciences University of Shiraz has criteria according to needs of society and students and also has required quality to improving the society. This university can prepare the most important factor related to development of society, it means upbringing and supplying human power for various units. It is suggested to predetermine and plan the educational strategies and curriculum according to needs and expectations of society and students in beginning of each semester and by emphasis on qualitative aspect. Keywords- Higher education, Improvement of the quality, Quality of education, Analyzing quality of education and AQIP scale