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Foreign Workers Occupational Stress and The Mobile Phone Internet Addiction

Migrant workers in Taiwan face language barriers, cultural differences, and poor communication; these workers use mobile phones to seek emotional comfort from friends and to vent their emotions. The aim of the present study was to investigate the use of mobile phones by foreign workers in Taiwan. The study collected valid 309 samples of home care workers, long-term care workers, and factory workers from the population of foreign workers in Taiwan. Results showed that the predominant nation of origin was the Philippines (36.9%). Most of the sample were factory workers (43.7%), aged 21 to 30 years (63.1%), and had been staying in Taiwan for 13–36 months (38.8%). Unmarried subjects constituted 54.4% of the respondents. The higher their perceive stress is, the more severe their Internet addiction is. Recommendations for policy managers should include the rational use of smart phones as a means for foreign workers to alleviate their psychological pressure. Keywords- Internet Addiction, Foreign Worker, Occupational Stress