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Flood Detector System Using Arduino

Flood is an unavoidable natural disaster in Metro Manila, Philippines, causing heavy flow of traffic and can also cause severe damage to properties and lives. For this reason, researchers created a flood detection system to monitor rising water in residential areas. Using ultrasonic sensor, researchers created flood level sensing device which is attached to Arduino Yun to process the sensor’s analog signal into a usable digital value of distance. The user can get real-time information on monitoring flooded roads over the livestream plus SMS based service. Flood height is determined by subtracting the sensor’s height with respect to the floor minus the sensed distance between the sensor and the flood water. Updates on the height of the water level will be texted to the rescue team (Local Government Unit) and to the residents of Barangay Marulas, Valenzuela City, Philippines and can the locals can also view level of the flood in the interface of the system. The level of the flood will be divided into four. The flood sensor and microcontroller will be powered by a solar power bank with 80,000 Ampere-Hour (mAh) for the benefit of continuous operation of water flood height detection and network data transmission. The Arduino Flood Detector System is developed to be one of the fastest method to monitor flood that will help motorists or road user to avoid problem when flood occurred. Index Terms— Arduino, Detector, Flood, Sensor.