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Effects Of Socio-Economic Variables On Life Quality Of Patients With Major Thalassemia In Boushehr Province

The aim of this study was calculating life quality of patients with major Thalassemia in Boushehr province and examining the relation of various socio-economic variables on it. The sample content was 236 persons. In this study, first the patients` life quality was calculated and the relation between various variables on the patients physical and mental life was assessed. Social activities impact in people with Thalassemia on physical life quality was 45.80 and on mental life quality 43.84. Variables of habitancy in the village, age and education level had a significant relation with physical life quality but no significant relation was observed between various variables and mental health. Helping major Thalassemia patients' mental health is very significant and improvement of their knowledge and access to health services is effective on their life conditions betterment. Keywords- Major Thalassemia, Physical Life Quality, Mental Life Quality, Boushehr Province, Socio-Economic Variables