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Effects of Dynamic Information Content, Information Display Modality on Browser’s Attention for shopping Website

This study investigated the effects of dynamic information contents(promotion information and evoked information), and the information display modality(visual dynamic and auditory broadcast) on browser’s attentionfor shopping website. The website type (high-emotion and low-emotion perception) was used as the moderatingvariable. The results showed thatthe visual dynamic is greater than the auditory broadcast on fixation time and fixation frequency for the main information area. For other peripheral area,the auditory broadcast is greater than the visual dynamic on fixation frequency. The evoked information is greater than the promotion information on fixation time. The eye orbit showed that the participantsbrowsed web information from left to right for the low-emotion perception website.However, the participant browsed the information by their preference of dress for the high-emotion perception site. Keywords— Visual Attention, Information Display Modality, Information Contents, Shopping Website.