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Globalization and TIV Youths, Challenges of True Participation: The Nigerian Experience

With increasing tempo of globalization, buoyed by revolutionary changes in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), the cultures of hitherto autonomous communities in Nigeria are under siege. It follows that the future of Nigeria’s cultural identities is bleak, unless there is a general consciousness to rediscover and preserve cultural identities bequeathed to us by our forefathers. This paper is a contribution to the growing debate about the impact of globalization and the challenges of true participation by young people of the Tiv ethnic group found in North Central Nigeria. The paper begins with a discussion of the meaning of globalization. It then analyses the impact of globalization from the Nigerian experience and follows it up with an examination of the challenges of true participation in the global process by the Tiv Youths. It posits that globalization is driven by some factors which include Urbanization, Industrialization and Education. Finally, it makes a case for a robust reorientation of Tiv Youths to love and cherish their cultural heritage as a catalyst for true participation in globalization. Key words- Globalization, Tiv youth, Urbanization, Industrialization and, Education.