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Sustainable Employees of Future Enterprises - European Perspective

The state of health of the Earth keeps deteriorating, which is evidenced by the values of the Living Planet Index, Ecological Footprint and many other indicators presented in each new issue of the Living Planet Report. The sustainable development actions taken for many years remain insufficient. They need to be accelerated especially with regard to enterprises. Enterprises are consuming most of the world’s nonrenewable resources, to a considerable extent are responsible for the environmental pollution and aggravation of some social problems. In the aspects of sustainability enterprises require a thorough transformation, which has to be started from their most important resource that is people. Conventional human resources have to transformed into sustainable human resources. Sustainable employees are people with appropriate characteristics, very active in the area of sustainability. Top, middle and supervisory managers play a special role among them. Whether the firm enters the path of sustainable development, how and at what pace that process will be implemented depends on their decision. Building sustainable human resources is a difficult challenge for contemporary enterprises. It can be supported by undertaking certain initiatives both in the firm and in its environment. Future generations will judege if appropriate actions have been taken and to what degree they contributed to the balance of intergenerational needs. Index Terms- sustainable development, sustainable enterprises, sustainable employees.