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Energy Prosumer of the Toffler's Third Wave

In the present paper on the basis of the literature query the Authors introduce the taxonomy of prosumer as a market subject that creates or co-creates values it consumes. The analysis has been conducted in the context of the Toffler's third wave concept - prosumers involved in prosumption activities, expecting not only economic benefits but also social and environmental ones. In this dimension a definition of a prosumer has been introduced, which defines energy prosumers as energy market subjects and prosumer energy connected with the adjustment of products to specific, own energy needs of prosumers, and frequently their close environment. In the empirical part, on the basis of the accepted selection criterion the Authors have aggregated highly relevant determinants that stimulate diffusion of energy prosumers and prosumer energy development. On the basis of the research conducted in the group of the domain experts (purposeful selection), the selected determinants have been summarized according to a five-point scale. These determinants in the context of Toffler's third wave have been determined in four group: economic, technological, environmental and social ones. The link between the taxonomic and empirical parts is an attempt to answer the research question "Does a contemporary energy prosumer fit in the prosumption activities of Toffler's third wave?" Index Terms- prosumer, Toffler's third wave, energy prosumer, prosumption energy, highly relevant determinants.