Paper Title
Project Management Actuality, Impetus, Spur an Interdisciplinary Correlation

This paper reconnoiters project management (PM) by pursuing behaviors of PM in various disciplines and their distinct attitudes to society and arts research. It acmes parallels and peculiarities between multiple practices and project management within and out of commercial and noncommercial segments. The idea is to bring forth perceptions of valuable, capabilities applied in a variety of milieus, simulations intended to larger and broader PM applications and scalability. The paper offers an outlook of PM standpoint from both a diabolically diverse disciplines and culture and actuality. To enhance PM creating synergies outside of the traditional industries where PM is used, this paper also takes a peek into the spur and impetus of the arts and education, and the wider project management profession. They are many and varied, in that, the project values and approaches for settings (small, medium and large) in non-traditional arenas engages and develops originality and creativeness for exceedingly successful project outcomes. Index terms- Collaboration, music, project management, organizational culture