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Local Media Products in the Transnational Field: The Turk of America Example

In this study, the role of local media in transnational societies has been analyzed. The event of migration signals a dynamic process and migrants, as the subjects of this process, establish connections between their homeland and the country where they migrated to or currently live. These economic, social, cultural, and religious connections surpass the borders of both countries and advance in a transnational geography. At the same time, they continuously change, transform and develop with the additional effects of technology and mass communication devices. In this study, local media activities, which are the products of transnational activities of migrants, have been analyzed over the Turk of American magazine, which is an example to ethnical media, and which is produced by Turkish migrants living in the USA. As a result, it has been seen that migrants participate in economic, political and cultural fields within the host country through local media and that local media mediates the development of communication and collective consciousness between migrants. Keywords- Migrant, Diaspora, Media, Transnationalism.