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Children Buying Behaviour and Parental Influence (A Study of Children Buying Habits Related to Toiletries)

Consumer behaviour study has become more significant for marketers for their sustainability, growth and development. Understanding the changing needs, preferences, lifestyle, and demographic factors of consumers is more challenging. No longer are the children at backstage. The buying process in a family by large involves a concurrent decision taken by all. Today the parents buying decision is mostly influenced by their children. Marketers have to understand this dynamics of family buying decisions process and the power of children influence the same. ses on the children influence in parents buying decision in case of toiletries. 185 children were taken as sample and the questionnaire were administered to capture the data. The study reveals that the children get money on different occasions for their personal use and additionally they mostly influenced their parents while buying many products which are used by them. The degree of children influence may vary for various products as prioritized by them. This highlights on findings suggestions and conclusion for them. Purpose Reports an empirical study on children’s buying behaviour in Faridabad with a special focus on their information sources. Design /Methodology The key literature on consumer socialisation of children is reviewed. Primary data was collected from a sample of 195 children aged 8 to 12 using questionnaire survey. Various statistical methods such as Pearson correlation and tests were employed to analyse the data. Findings Children regard TV commercials as an important information source for new product. However, they place greater level of trust in interpersonal information sources, especially in their parents who are perceived as the most credible information source with respect to their learning about new food products. Originality /Value The study has made a contribution to the extant literature on children as consumer. The findings would be valuable in assisting companies, especially those in the toiletries industry, to have a better understanding of children’s buying behaviour. Keywords— Children buying behaviour, consumer socialisation, socialisation agents, information source, TV commercials.