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Forensic Accounting as a Panacea to Alleviation of Fraudulent Practices in Nigeria Public Sector Organizations (A Study of Some Selected Ministries in Enugu State)

In recent years, accounting fraud has occurred widely throughout the globalised business sector. This does not exclude Malaysia as it emerging as one of the many countries with high expanding rates of business deals. Due to the fact that Nigerian companies are still new and inexperience in managing business and its accounts, this has created undetected loopholes for accounting fraud committers. This has also created bad perceptions by the public regarding the various fraudulent activities that emerge in the country. Therefore, this work examines the public acceptance towards occurrence of fraud detection which plays a vital role in business growth. The uniqueness of this paper focuses on the literature review on the public acceptance on fraud detection. This article maps out the importance of fraud detection to strengthen and be competitive in the business. Key Words- Forensic accounting, Public acceptance, Fraud and fraud detection.