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The Effect of ICT Penetration and Usage in Learning Among United Arab Emirates University Students

The advent of mobile technology and diffusion of communication technologies influence the lives of everyone nowadays and students are no more exception. United Arab Emirates is one of the models of an information society with high percentage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) penetration among its citizens and an educational setting and economy that leverage ICT for increased competitiveness and development. In this paper, we investigate the ICT penetration and usage among students in the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), University ICT services, ICT usage habits and behaviors, the use of social networks, and students’ attitude toward ICT and its impact in their learning process. Therefore, we surveyed 200freshman and college students, from the results we will analyze students’ activities when they interact with ICT in the learning process, students’ attitude toward the use of ICT within the institution and readiness for the 21st century information society. Keywords: Mobile Learning, ICT, United Arab Emirates University, ICT Penetration, 21st century skills, Technology diffusion.