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Comparative Analysis of the Entrepreneurial Dimensions of Computing Sciences and Business Studies Students of Gulf College

The Final Year Project (FYP) requirement of both the Computing Sciences and Business Studies departments of Gulf College is geared towards product design, development and innovation. Students are trained to develop a worthwhile product capable of copyright and commercial release. This study compared the entrepreneurial dimensions of the Faculty of Computing Sciences (FCS)and Faculty of Business and Management Studies (FBMS)students of Gulf College in realizing their final year project as a business venture after its completion. This analysed the entrepreneurial capabilities, practices, characteristics and spirit. Results of the study revealed that there is strong drive that the students turn their projects into real business but students’ entrepreneurial capabilities and characteristics are lower than their practices and vision. In addition, comparative data show that although FBMS has higher ratings than FCS, the latter still has strong compare to the former. Furthermore, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) of the parameters showed significant difference on the responses of both faculties. It is highly recommended that the FYP of the students be an avenue to showcase innovative ideas and potential business ventures that can be assisted by the college for start-up. The outputs of the FYP students can be showcased to various funding organizations in Oman to solicit financial and technical assistance.